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Ages 4-10

Duration: 60 minutes

Acting and directing: Katia Urbakh, Andrei Urbakh

Dramaturgy: Maria Nemirowski

Decor Design: Maria Michaelov

Puppet design and accessories: Katia Urbakh, Andrei Urbakh, Leonid Ellisov

Original music: Ira Sheeran

Musical Editing: Yuval Amit

Long, short & twisted

Ropes, strings, ribbons are the key heroes of the show. They can be thin or thick, strong and tangled. You can play with them, jump on them. You can walk, run and even dance with them. It’s possible to bind them and tear them. But be careful! - Each rope is someone's life ...

The performance presents to the young audience a set of stories which are combined by the notion "strings of life". Using puppets and objects, the actors embody the metaphorical and philosophical concept in a clear and amusing physical act.

The show was created at 2013. Performed at International Puppet festival Jerusalem Israel, International Puppet Festival Holon Israel, Puppet Carnival Almaty Kazakhstan, International Theater festival for Children Jaffa Israel, Izmir Turkey Puppet Days festival, Fez festival Berlin, National Drama School New Delhi…

Award for the best actor’s duet on Puppet Carnival Almaty 2013.

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