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Ages: 6-12

Duration: 55 minutes

Direction, Set Design, Musical Direction, Puppet Design, Props: Katya Urbakh, Andrei Urbakh.

Acting: Katya Urbakh, Khader Harini

Mise en Place

Extragalactic Clowning and Objects Theatre of Fruits and Vegetables


Mr Cornichon, the acclaimed chef, invites you to appreciate the delicious dishes prepared by his assistants. But when the chef leaves, we find out his assistants have entirely different plans and dreams. The kitchen table suddenly transforms into all sorts of locations: a bustling city; a space for meeting creatures from far-away galaxies; a rickety shack buried in snow; and more…So, what will happen when the manager returns? Will he fire his workers, or will he realize that he is now running a special theatre, starring an eggplant and a potato in the leading roles?

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