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A show for the entire family


Direction: Andrei Urbakh, Katya Urbakh

Acting: Andrei Urbakh, Katya Urbakh, Elad Moshe, Khader Harini

Site Design: Maria Michaelov, Katya Urbakh, Andrei Urbakh

Additional Artists: Olga Chernischeva, Polina Tenta, Shimon Gorodetzky, Chihiro Ishiyama, Yosef Samocha, Yael Saadi, Sapir Sabag, Selestina Levant

Cats and Dogs in the Big City

During the warm summer days of 2017, Koom-Koom Theatre put up an all-ages theatrical installation at the Youth Wing of the Israel Museum. Through an interactive, action-packed tour, the children encounter the amazing secret lives of street cats and dogs. 


Krembo, the old dog, welcomes us to the street where he was born and raised, back when he was a homeless street-dog. But be careful! The street is full of the most dangerous and unpredictable animals: Cats.  With due caution, Krembo introduces us to the urban cats’ gangs: In every trash-can lives a different family of cats, and every family is catty in its own way…In secret hiding places we can also find Krembo’s canine pals, and finally, his extraordinary cat friend. 


This activity combines a puppet-making and manipulation workshop. At the conclusion of the workshop, the children ‘adopt’ cats and dogs which they have prepared themselves out of unique and unexpected materials that give each animal its own character.

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