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The Koom-Koom workshops are experiential and age-appropriate, and have been developed throughout the year. The workshops’ duration is from a single hour and a half session to an extended workshop delivered over an entire semester. Workshops are suitable for all ages, from pre-kindergarten to adults, and are adapted to suit each age group. 


Workshop participants will get to know the world behind the stage through a creative experience. How does an inanimate object turn into a live actor? How can you deliver a message using only the body? How can junk acquire a personality? 


Amongst the topics on offer: a workshop on making and manipulating different kinds of puppets, a workshop on physical theatre and on masks, a toy-making workshop, an object theatre workshop, making puppets from recycled material, and more. 


The workshops are delivered in schools, festivals, public events, and simply for anyone who is interested in the experience.

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