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Ages: 5-11

Duration: 60 minutes

Actors: 2

Maximum audience: 300

Stage dimensions: 7*7

Location: outside

Setting up time: 4 hours

Dismantling time: 1.5 hours

 2054 Time for Takeoff

Clowning fantasy with the  post-apocalyptic background


It is the year 2054 and the pandemic is still raging, but one diligent worker shows up at the deserted airport every day. He turns on the rusty machines, brushes the dust off the clocks and still waits for permission to take off. One day, a woman arrives at the abandoned airport with a dog by her side. To the man’s surprise, this is not just any dog but a renowned singer with a marvelous voice and great charisma who answers to the name of… Juliano! 


The woman dreams of taking Juliano to the grand music halls of Paris, and the worker dreams of airplanes finally taking off from the dilapidated runways. Will they succeed in fulfilling their impossible dreams together?

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