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Impossible Cabaret

Age: Adults

Duration: 1 hour


Dramaturgy: Masha Nemirovsky

Music: Folk-Brigada

Design: Katya Urbakh

Actors: Katya Urbakh, Andrei Urbakh, Lena Pogosov

Koomkoom Theatre joins the Folk-Brigada Band to create a show of Punk with puppets. 


A sharp performance that combines the Middle-East with Russia, songs of alcohol and crime with the refined culture of Jerusalem, and humour with war. The Cabaret borrows scenes from Koom-Koom Theatre’s children’s repertoire and plants them in the soil of the bizarre and insane Gypsy-Punk world of adults. 


This show was performed at the Khan Theatre Courtyard as part of the Puppet Theatre Festival of 2016.

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