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Metamorphosis for a Rainy Day

A show for the entire family

Duration: 25 minutes

Direction: Andrei Urbakh, Katya Urbakh

Acting: Andrei Urbakh 

Music: Folk Brigade

Design: Maria Michaelov, Andrei Urbakh, Katia Urbakh

Additional Artists: Polina Teneta, Chihiro Ishiamo, Naomi Keisner

An interactive Theatrical Exhibition.

Viewers enter a regular room in a regular  house on a boring, rainy day. When the Cat in the Hat arrives, the room is suddenly transformed and viewers find themselves in the middle of a show. The bed turns into a ship sailing a shark-infested turbulent sea. Aladdin’s cave, filled with treasures and gems, is discovered under the carpet. Finally, the audience is transported - through a wardrobe - into outer space to float amongst the planets and stars.


Inspired by The Cat in the Hat and other children’s stories such as The Chronicles of Narnia and Aladdin, we have created an interactive theatrical event that is all about magic - that magic of transformation which is the primary, original magic of the theatre. The audience discovers how a mundane, regular location turns imaginary, fabled, and theatrical. Within the space we have created, viewers find themselves behind the scenes and on stage at the same time.

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