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Ages: to all family

Duration: 25 minutes


Direction, Set Design, Musical Direction, Puppet Design, Props: Katya Urbakh, Andrei Urbakh.

Acting: Katya Urbakh, Khader Harini

Night in Museum

In the still of the night, while the museum is closed and no one is looking, the statue of Zeus can finally come to life. Zeus may have waited for this all along, but the Museum night-guard has his own wish - that one day he will become the Museum’s manager! The guard diligently makes sure every object is in its place, and Zeus must find a sophisticated way to sneak out…

A half an hour performance of clowning and nonsense combining a head puppet, physical theatre with masks, objects theatre, and audience interaction. The show was created in 2011 and has been performed in numerous festivals both in Israel and around the world.

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