“Not Only Puppets” Festival is going out to visit
Youtube Live 22-27.12.20

Mr. Shimi the puppet  decided to check what happens with  theatres, actors and artists at these strange times. Mr. Shimi  visited workshops, behind the scenes and even the homes of puppeteries  and theatres for children in Israel and around the world.

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מיזאנפלס - תיאטרון קומקום 

נבקר בבמה החדשה של תיאטרון קומקום במוזיאון הטבע וגם סטודיו לבניית בובות של התיאטרון. נצפה בקטעים מובחרים עם מהמופע "מיזאנפלס". בסוף נשוחח עם שחקני המופע על בובות, על ירקות ועל התקופה המשונה. (עברית)

The home of puppet artist Thomas Report

We will visit the house of the puppet artist Thomas Herfort (Germany). He will introduce us to the puppets from his home in Berlin and will conduct a workshop on making homemade puppets. (Hebrew, English).

A visit to the Cuckoo Theater

We will visit the Cuckoo Theater, Mr. Shimi will talk to Louis the theater's founder (in a puppet case himself) we will find out what he is doing in the recording studio these days and see excerpts from the group's new old shows. (Abrit)

25/12 | 1:00 pm

In the studio of the Dwai Group

We will visit the studio of the Devai group, a group of clowns who created a special show during the Corona period, we will hear and see how they manage to continue to perform during this period as well. (Abrit)

In Maria Gurevitch's studio

We will visit the Maria Gurevich Studio, a world master of puppetry, which will be joined by Masha Nemirovsky, a master of directing and demagoguery. A few years ago they created a puppet show from simple but surprising materials, we will see the studio and excerpts from the shows. (Abrit)


The new stage and puppet studio of the Kettle Theater

We will visit the new stage of the Kettle Theater at the Museum of Nature and also the theater's puppet building studio. Watch selected excerpts from the show "Mizanfels". At the end we will talk to the show's actors about puppets, vegetables and the strange period. (Arabic)