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Ages: 5-125

Duration: 1 hour

Dramaturgy: Maria Nemirowsky

Actors: Katia Urbakh, Andrei Urbakh

Decorations: Irina Tkachenko

Musuicians: Elad Ifrah, Yuri Stolov

Puppets design: Katia & Andrei Urbakh, Shimon Gorodetsky

The rider show

This is a clowning show that uses puppets and objects, made and adapted from nature materials. The musicians in the show play various Irish folk themes, and take an active part in the stage event. 


Congratulations! A new baby was born to Mother Earth - a little playful human child, but her joy soon fades. Mother Earth has to protect her other children from the overpowering creature that grew up and became the modern developed man. He wants to ride on everything in the world. She wants to maintain harmony and peace. Is the disaster inevitable?!

Award for music in the show on Puppet and Actor Festival Lomza Poland 2006

Award for original performance on Black and White Festival Imatra Finland 2009

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